Kelsey Marshall 

From: Alberta, Ontario

As a Field Instructor, I manage many aspects of the program, including all aspects of the daily itinerary during travel, guided excursions and sharing my knowledge about the country and customs we are visiting. 

Years as a Field Instructor with Nomad Travel:

This will be my first year as a Field Instructor with Nomad Travel and am really excited!


I have recently graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario with an Honors degree in Kinesiology.  I am still waiting to here about my future plans for an Athletic Therapy Certification.

Languages Spoken:

English and French

Professional Accomplishments:

Martin Wamsley Trainer of the Year 2011

What I am Looking Forward to on the Nomad Travel Program:

What I am most looking forward to on the program is traveling the Western parts of Canada (especially those I haven’t yet seen like Drumheller) while being a part of an enriching experience for both me and the American delegates.