Skayu Louis 

From: Vancouver, BC

As a Field Instructor, I manage many aspects of the program, including all aspects of the daily itinerary during travel, guided excursions and sharing my knowledge about the country and customs we are visiting. 

Years as a Field Instructor with Nomad Travel:

The summer of 2017 will be my 7th season with Nomad.


Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia with a double major in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) and Anthropology (First Nations Studies/Ethnobotany)

Languages Spoken:

Fluent English, Partial Spanish, Partial N’Syilxcen

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Awarded “The Wilson Duff Award” in 2010 from The University Of British Columbia Anthropology Department for excellence in the topic of First Nations Studies.
  • Created the “Wild About Foods” program to teach kids/youth about the value of local foods, seed-to-plate experience, and facilitate an understanding of Wild Foods/Medicines in the Okanagan Region.
  • Created the “Sustainability Ambassador Program” to teach delegates about sustainability whilst travelling throughout Western Canada.

What I am Looking Forward to on the Nomad Travel Program:

What I am most looking forward to on the program is watching the students grow. It’s remarkable how much each delegate changes from the first time you meet until the day you head back home.  

My Favourite Nomad Travel Moment:

A summer sharing adventure with today’s youth while passing on the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my life exploring Western Canada.  I am particularly excited about spending time at Painted Reflections Tipi Camp and diving into Blackfoot culture.