This nautical adventure begins in Halifax, Nova Scotia and concludes in Boston, Massachusetts.

From Canada to the US, freedom and maritime life are the central themes of this highly informative experience. In Dartmouth, we will visit the Black Cultural Centre and learn about the anti slavery Underground Railroad. On our way to Boston we will explore the history surrounding the tragic sinking of the Titanic and learn about the world' s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. We will also see the room where Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, visit Louisburg - Canada's largest historical reconstruction; learn about the witches of Salem, the last Shaker colony, and Boston's Freedom Trail.

Educational? You bet! Fun?  Whale watching, mountain hikes, swimming, a harbour cruise, witches, pirates, a haunted walk, and the legendary hospitality of the maritimers will make this trip unforgettable. So come on, grab your group and let's hit the coast.